APOTS (APT) is the next Solana

Aptos (APT) is a new Layer 1 crypto that solves Solana downtime as well as Ethereum constraints. The brand new Aptos network was built using Rust’s own programming language. MOVE solves some of the problems with Ethereum. These include the trilemma of scalability and the fact that Ethereum cannot do parallel processing.

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Aptos parallel processing

Parallel processing is essential for faster transactions, but EVM cannot execute transactions in a sequence. These problems also affect Layer 2 of Ethereum and are one of the reasons why the mainnet cannot scale without sharding.

But Solana is a parallel processing blockchain, so it can handle many transactions. However, network slowdown is an important issue.

On the Aptos blockchain, these limitations will disappear as the network can handle around 160,000 TPS. By using a parallel execution engine (Block-STM), Aptos aims to ensure lower transaction fees.

parallel processing

MEnsure transactions are executed concurrently and validated after the process. The failure of a transaction does not affect the entire chain. In fact, those that fail are killed and rerun due to STM (Software Transfer Memory) libraries.

A growing interest in Aptos Labs and its Layer 1 blockchain

Interest in Aptos is already high, with 20,000 validator nodes on the testnet. That’s more than 10x the number of users on Solana’s mainnet. Solana mainnet.

The curiosity is evident due to the network’s massive growth over the past three years. More than 350 developers from all over the world are currently working on Aptos App & Blockchain.

In addition to its high scalability and reliability, the Aptos network is also equipped with an additional layer of security in addition to its reliability and high scalability. Each asset can be managed independently in the chain thanks to the programming language.

This means that copying or deleting an asset once it has been created is impossible. This means that common attacks on Ethereum like re-entry cannot be performed on the Ethereum network.

The increasing demand for the Aptos blockchain is a sign that it will likely launch with more than the average Layer-1s. This is not because of the hype about it, but also because of the investment by venture capitalists.

Aptos Labs & Funding

Meta-investors from the Diem project, the Dasm project failed, were the ones who created Aptos Labs. APtos Labs has already raised $350 million in funding from some of the top venture capitalists in the cryptocurrency market. These include Andreessen Horowitz, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, OAK HC, Coinbase, Tiger Global, Binance Labs, and numerous others.

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