Arco Protocol Testnet – CONFIRMED AIRDROP

Arco Protocol (ARCO) is the first cross-chain, decentralized, open and non-custodial liquid asset lending protocol for Aptos and Sui, allowing users to participate as borrowers or lenders in a separate lending pool. Arco protocol is designed to create high-speed markets for traditional lending services in the crypto-asset sector, but with the goal of improving capital efficiency across the full range of Aptos and Sui-based assets.

At the time of launch, ARCO will allow credit and lending markets for a set amount of assets, with community governance fully established in Q4 2022.

The platform is currently being rolled out in Aptos Devenet. So if you test the Devnet platform, you are eligible to win the prize and it is verified by official medium post.

It is also important to be a member the Discord channel.

Let’s switch to testnet immediately.

1: Go to and connect your wallet to Petra Aptos Wallet or Martian Aptos Wallet.

2: Deposit part of the APT tokens by clicking on the “Deposit” button as shown below.

3. Borrow money by clicking “Borrow” as shown below.

4: Pay an APT amount by clicking ‘Refund’ as shown below.

5: Withdraw a specified amount in APT using “Withdraw” as shown below.

Step 6: Submit feedback or bug bounty using the Google form.


Provide feedback on Discord [Devnet-Bug]


That’s all for today. About the Arco protocol

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advice for everyone

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