Bet Your Beans $BYB presale is live for a limited time only –

Presale is now open for BYB$. Not sure what that means or why you should participate in the sale? Let’s dive in and give you the DYOR you want.

Bet Your Beans offers a social betting experience. Chat, choose your opponent and control the bet. Now let’s look at what it all means and how you can benefit from it.

Community Dexcision

Social chatting is an integral part of our society. It has been integrated into their web3 app. This allows those unable or unwilling to wager face-to-face to do so with the $BYB community. After you have a partner, you can create a private betting area so you and your opponent can agree on terms. Now that you’ve agreed on your terms, what happens? You must make the contract available for deposit. Only the depositors have access to the funds. This is true, the only ones who can withdraw funds are the depositors. This deployment also has a unique feature. Each of you can consent to a third party (or address) mediating the decision. A three-way decision is decided with two votes.

As the platform evolves every week, more betting options will be added. You can place custom bets and view top 10 crypto charts. It is expected that this will be a fun way to interact with their community. Please don’t miss it.

pre sales

While the presale is currently active, there are other ways to participate. Bet Your Beans offers an NFT mining app. NFTs come in limited editions and feature rare rarities. So try your luck at minting a diamond. These NFTs have tied token values ​​that exceed the presale price of $BNB. These tokens will be available for use at launch to earn more BNB rewards.

Bet Your Beans offers a lot of features that we could talk about for quite a while. For a deeper dive you can click on the links below. #beyouurbeans




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