BRO Token Airdrop – How to Participate

BRO is an open platform that is decentralized. It is based on BNB blockchain technology Bird Bro is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a service meme and an online gaming platform that rewards players with real money as they play. To be a winner you need to sign up to a digital wallet like MetaMask and get open boxes to get exclusive NFT birds inspired by different birds and famous bird memes around the world. Earn reward tokens from races and trade with each other. The marketplace is where you can sell your birds, crates, and other in-game items. As time and races progress you can earn rewards that accrue and you can also transfer and take out Bird Bro tokens. Our platform includes lotteries, trades and games.

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2. What do you think Bird Bro will do you?

We want all users to exchange money quickly with the highest rates available on the market. While having fun and winning with a game, we offer a lottery that you can place bets on and test your luck and there are also games that you can win by buying birds and feeding them daily and you can use tokens create and trade in BNB.

3. Bird Bro Airdrop Campaign – $3,000,000 BRO Airdrop!

To start selling our tokens, we are offering 5 winners 3,000,000 tokens worth $BRO and informing users about our brand new cryptocurrency and technology.

Follow the steps below to qualify for a $BRO! !

Join our Airdrop campaign, complete the required steps and have a chance to earn $BRO worth of tokens in your account after launching tokens on PancakeSwap.

4. Announcement of Winner

TBA via our social channels Winners will be announced within 15 days of the end of the contest.

If you have any questions about the Airdrop campaign, please contact our admin in the Telegram group.

Start date: October 2, 2022

Date of distribution: After TG

Note This means all bot and duplicate Submissions will be immediately disqualified

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