Corn Salad With Radishes, Jalapeño And Lime In Mint Mayo Recipe

If you thought salads are boring, I agree with you. And if you thought a best was to eat a salad if at all you have to eat it should be with a delicious dressing, I’m with you on that as well.
Salads remind me of summer. It’s light on your tummy, but very satisfying too. And when you make a salad that screams fresh, light and summery, you will probably think of a dressing that is also fresh and turns the salad into one delicious super food.
I love mint in my salads, the aroma of mint is just enough to lift up my spirits. A minty, creamy salad dressing was on my mind when I decided to make corn salad with fresh baby radish. Jalapeno and lime along with few generous spoons of mint mayonnaise added those wonderful flavours to the salad which exploded my taste buds. If you love minty dressing in you salads, give DelMonte’s Mint Mayonnaise a try, you will love it!
Corn and summers always seem to go hand in hand. But I love my corn any time of the year. There is nothing than a bowl of corn with some fresh vegetables.
Serve Corn Salad With Radishes, Jalapeño and Lime in DelMonte Mint Mayonnaise along with a Garlic Bread for a light and delicious weekday dinner.

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