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We’re a few weeks past the GameStop Short Squeeze Apocalypse. Bitcoin has gone from $28,000-and-change on New Year’s Eve to north of $40,000. Altcoins seem to be flying off the shelves. Decentralized Finance is also on fire — if you pick the right one, natch — and the “degenerates” might be…

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    How Many Windows Of Opportunities Have You Missed Over The Years?
    Maybe you didn’t even know about Bitcoin in 2011 when it was $1 or perhaps you heard about it and thought it was just a fad. It’s worth over $50,000+ a coin today.

    Maybe you missed out on DOGE coin when it was a fraction of a penny and now has a market cap bigger than many HUGE companies and several countries.

    If you are tired of reading about all the people who are hitting paydirt with crypto while you are scratching your head wondering what a DOGE is… this might be for you.
    Are Ready To Finally Make This Whole “Crypto Thing” Work?


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