Here’s everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 8 so far

The current Apple Watch Series 7 is the best wearable that Apple has ever made, but there is always room for improvement. Improvement is what we’re expecting from Apple Watch Series 8, although those hoping for a radical redesign might be disappointed depending on which rumors you believe.

We’re expecting Apple to announce its next smartwatch in the fall of 2022 — here’s everything we think we know right now.

What will the 2022 Apple Watch be called?

It’s a pretty safe bet that we should expect Apple to announce a new watch that carries the same naming convention we’re familiar with — Apple Watch Series 8. There may be additional Apple Watches announced at the same time, but an Apple Watch Series 8 is almost guaranteed to hit the market alongside whatever else Apple has cooking.

The company is also expected to release an update to the Apple Watch SE, but it’s unlikely that it will get a name change. More likely is that the new generation will simply be called the Apple Watch …

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