Mavrck is #1 in influencer marketing solutions for corporate brands

We are excited to announce that Mavrck is the #1 Corporate Brand Influencer Marketing Platform on the software review site G2. This is the thirteenth consecutive quarter that Mavrck has been recognized as a Leader in the Influencer Marketing category.

Mavrck is a leader based on its customer reviews, achieves high customer satisfaction and has a large market presence among corporate brands. Mavrck also scored in the top percentile in all satisfaction categories.

This exciting news comes after Mavrck, the leading influencer marketing platform for corporate consumer brands, merged with Later, the leading social media marketing and commerce platform for small business owners and developers. The combination was funded with a strategic investment of $135 million from global growth equity investor Summit Partners and represents a continuation of the company in December 2021 120 million dollar investment in Mavrck.

This quarter we also received awards for:

  • Overall leader
  • company manager
  • Momentum Leader
  • Powerful
  • small business owner
  • Best relationship in the company
  • Best usability in medium-sized companies
  • Leading in the middle class

Read what our customers say below:

“Mavrck helped streamline influencer programming for the personal care brand I work at. We are able to produce a higher volume of campaigns year-round, testing and learning with different influencer personas and audiences.”

“I love that Mavrck offers both SaaS and managed services – with the benefits of an influencer platform (research, large-scale campaign management, reporting, influencer payments and white labeling) with the added benefit of an account team, that can help with strategy, campaign management, negotiations & closing and more.”

“​​Mavrck has proven to be a useful tool for us when it comes to conducting surveys with content creators to learn more about consumer/brand sentiment, awareness, campaign ideas, etc. When we’re recruiting micro-influencers for a campaign or survey quickly and efficiently, we know we can rely on Mavrck’s database to help us find the best brand ambassadors – as it gives us an opportunity to increase engagement rate , fraud risks, previous partnerships, etc. in the blink of an eye. “

“Since signing with Mavrck, not only have we been able to grow our presence in the influencer space by increasing the number of campaigns we can take on, but we’ve also significantly improved performance by being able to select influencers based on audience , past post performance and genuine interest in the brand”

It is an honor to be recognized by our own customers and it reinforces our commitment to provide advanced all-in-one influencer marketing technology that meets the demand and unique needs of enterprise influencer marketing at scale Fulfills.

We look forward to continuing to help marketers adapt and evolve their influencer marketing and social proof strategies for success in an ever-changing landscape.

For a demo of the Mavrck platform or to discuss your influencer marketing needs, please request a demo Here.

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