Potter future at Chelsea in jeopardy?


January 9, 2023

Graham Potter could be on the verge of being axed as Chelsea manager after a painful 4-0 win over Manchester City. The Blues have won just one of their last five games, amassing 15 points from 10 games under the former Brighton boss. Not what you would expect from a top club.

So what challenges does Potter face at this moment?


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Of course it doesn’t help when key players like Reece James are injured. Chelsea would have hoped the World Cup break would allow James to rest and recover from his knee injury. However, he sustained another knee injury in the first leg against Bournemouth on 27 December. He is expected to be out for at least another month.

That was a real slap in the teeth for the Blues as, like the previous season, he was their best player of the season. And you can just sense that the Blues’ defense is a bit lacking in catching up pace, which Phill Foden and Riyad Mahrez, who was just a miss for Marc Cucurella on Sunday, capitalized on to great effect.

lack of goals

Another concern for Potter’s side is the lack of goals scored. Statistically, they have a goal average of 1.18 per game, which just isn’t good enough for a team with a lot of offensive potential.

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Following the summer signing of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, one might have thought the Blues had finally found a proper goalscorer to thwart their chances, but like James, the Gabon striker has been plagued by injuries at crucial stages of the season as of the last edition was enough to keep him out of the cup duel with City.

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Raheem Sterling is the club’s top scorer this season with six goals and three assists.

After leaving the FA Cup, Potter hit out at a reporter in the post-match conference, criticizing his questions.

“Sometimes you get mad and angry. But my job is to speak [to the media] as respectful as possible, even if some of your questions are silly.”

“I have to answer them as best I can and as respectfully as possible because I represent a fantastic football club and I have this job to do.”

“I’m not naïve to know that when you have the results we have there will be no criticism and negativity – it would be odd for me to think that. And again, I’m not sitting here as an egomaniac who has all the answers and does everything right – of course that’s not the case.

“But at the same time there are some challenges that we have to face. There are some margins in the Premier League that are difficult. We’ve had a massive transition (with new owners at Chelsea), problems in terms of injuries don’t make it easy to stay stable.

Graham Potter: Sky Sports

Chelsea now meet local rivals Fulham on Wednesday before two tricky games at home against Crystal Palace and away against Liverpool. It will therefore be crucial for Potter’s Blues to rack up as many points ahead of the trip to Anfield on January 21st.

Even though we’re only half a year after Abramovcich’s exit and Bohely’s takeover, it seems like things are going a little wrong in terms of earnings. However, there were certainly some signs of the team improving in the league game against City. So if owners can be patient with Potter, there will surely be a turnaround in results.

Can Chelsea revive their season under Graham Potter or is it about time he left?

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