VeraViews joins the Amazon Ads affiliate program

We are happy to share the news with our network VeraViewshas received approval as Amazon ads partner.

Now included in the Amazon Ads Affiliate Directory.

The Amazon Ads Affiliate Network launched in 2021. It is aimed at agencies and tool providers who offer a wide range of products, services and areas of expertise to meet the needs of advertisers.

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Partnership with Amazon

VeraViews is now an Amazon Ads affiliate and has access to Amazon Ads-specific resources, the Amazon Ads API, and the ability to acquire new prospects by participating in the Amazon Ads affiliate directory.

You can view the list of VeraViews Amazon Ads affiliate directories here. Amazon Ads customers can find and contact VeraViews here. Vera Views has been verified by Amazon and is now listed as tool provider Providing the following expertise to Amazon Ads clients.

  • video measurement
  • Brand security
  • advertising effectiveness,
  • Analytics & Reporting

Amazon Ads, the third largest ad network in the world, generated $31 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. It is the first choice of many advertisers and a platform that allows us to share our expertise in IVT prevention and technology with advertisers.

Dan Hodgson, Director of Business Development at VeraViews says:

“Joining the Amazon Ads Partner Network is the first step in providing IVT tools to advertisers and publishers using Amazon Ads. Now we will work towards Verified Partner status and complete Amazon Ads certification training. This will allow VeraViews to better showcase our IVT solutions to Amazon Ads clients and promote our anti-ad fraud solutions.

Our network is aware that VeraViews is included in the Amazon Ads Affiliate Program. The team is preparing for further commercial expansion. Recently, Vera Views completed a full integration of the Brightcove web player, inclusion on the IAB Global Vendor List, and expansion of the Vera Views business growth team.

VeraViews will now explore other networks and platforms where VeraViews’ patented Proof of View can prevent rogue traffic, share its expertise and draw on the 2022 industry networking events.


An open-lead advertising platform based on the patented evidence of the view (PoV), fraud detection technology. VeraViews provides transparent invalid traffic (IVT), tracking for publishers, and auditable campaign statistics for brands. It is the best and most verifiable ad fraud prevention solution. IAB Global Vendor, Amazon Ads Partner and fully integrated with Brightcove. Visit to learn more.

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